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Our teachers and assistants have a CDA, AA, BS, BA, or MA degrees in the Early Childhood Field or a related field. The Shenker Academy hires professional faculty members who are dedicated to the school mission and passionate about early childhood education and about their personal growth. You can read more about our teachers under “about”- “faculty”.

We are certified by the State of Nevada Preschool Licensing Department, Nevada Department of Education, SNHD, Office of State Fire Marshal, Department of Building & Safety, OSHA, and accredited by the National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Only 1% of Clark County schools are accredited

After years of hard work and dedication, The Shenker Academy achieved school accreditation in December 2011, and renewed its accreditation in January of 2017 with the highest regard of excellence in 5 of 10 categories measured. The National Association for the Education of Young Children is recognized as having the highest standards in early childhood care and education. In addition to the NAYCE accreditation, the Shenker Academy is licensed by the State of Nevada, and committed to the Nevada Registry standards of training and professional development.


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