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Throughout the year, the students will work on personal and class projects inspired by famous artists from various periods. The idea is to expose the students to variety of painting styles from different eras, and to enhance their creative skills through inspiration of the greatest artists of all times. The colors, the paint, and the experience is invaluable, culminated with a family art exhibition evening & dinner.


In previous years, our younger group (12-18 month olds) took on their first steps in free style painting. Our two year olds focused on painting modern abstract shapes inspired by Mondrian, our three year olds learned about Jackson Pollock, and each child painted a canvas with their own interpretation of Pollock’s style. Pre-K focused on Pointillism inspired art, a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image (originally developed by Seurat and Signac in the 19th Century).  Kindergarten worked on Van Gogh (Sunflowers, Wheatfield with Crows, and more).


The Art Fair takes place in the Shenker Academy main hallway. Each class has a designated 8 ft. table, and teachers put out their students’ work, and decorate their tables. Parents & children enjoy the display (between 5.30-7) and can take their child’s personal artwork home. Shenker Academy holds a silent auction for classroom projects, and the raised funds will be used to support and elevate fine arts education in our school.


Inspiring Artist



Georgia O’Keefe

American Modernism

4 YO Ms. Kline

Vincent Van Gogh

Post-Impressionist, Acrylic on Canvas

4 YO Ms. Bailey

Henri Matisse & Pablo Picasso


3 YO Mrs. Borders

Rhea Carmi

Israeli-American abstract expressionism

3 YO Ms. Dalton

Rhea Carmi

Israeli-American abstract expressionism

2 YO

Ms. Campbell, Mrs. Jessie,

Ms. Ratigan

Jackson Pollock

American Abstract Expressionism

18 MO Mrs. Vanessa

Helen Frankenthaler

American Abstract Expressionism (paint)

18 MO Ms. Jen Pierce

Helen Frankenthaler

American Abstract Expressionism (paint)

12 Mo Mrs. Tina

Mark Rothko


Infant Room Mrs. Claudia

My foot print

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