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Shenker Academy selected a new Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Mathematics program,  focus on hands-on, experiential  activities. From cleaning up an oil spill like a marine biologist, to designing a blueprint like an architect,  students get to be STEAM professionals.



Our STEAM program  features:

• 24 lessons per grade level, each focusing on a STEAM career (e.g., engineer, urban planner)• Scientific journals, visual aids, and videos accompany each lesson• Videos and webinars to assist instructors in implementation• Easy-to-use online portal with all instructional materials for instruct

Our  program objectives are:

• Solve real-world challenges that STEAM professionals face in their careers• Build 21st century skills, like collaboration and problem solving• Prepare for a 21st century workforce by learning about a variety of STEAM careers

Our students build, tinker, and explore while they learn about the STEAM



Created by ROZZY Learning Company, Shenker Academy purchased the rights to use this program for 2018-19, and we are excited to continue and elevate our program.



Recommended Grade

Building Earthquake Levee


5-11 Y.O.

Hurricane Protection structure


4-9 Y.O.

Creating Home for Animals

Marine Biology 

                 3-9 Y.O.

Lung Investigation


3-9 Y.O.

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