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  • Our graduate’s national grade percentile rank for Math is 96%
  • Our graduate’s national grade percentile rank for Reading is 92%
  • Our graduate’s national grade percentile rank for Social studies is 87%
  • Our complete National Stanford Achievement Test Battery Scores Average is 89%
  • Our curriculum is well rounded and includes integration of environmental and fine art elements
  • Our teachers are creative professional educators who emphasize differentiated instruction
  • We emphasize 21st Century academic and developmental skills
  • Our students are encouraged to celebrate differences in traditions, beliefs, and social behaviors
  • Our classrooms are culturally diverse
  • Our teachers are facilitators and not instructors
  • Students are allowed to bring their own books, and are encouraged to share stories, thoughts, and ideas
  • Our faculty maintains a strict level of sensitivity to language concerns
  • Students receive positive reinforcements proportionally to their accomplishments
  • Our faculty is knowledgeable and sensitive to all health issues and needs of the students
  • Our students are encouraged to explore and experiment through play, arts, and academics
  • Our classes have centers to garner new ideas through learning
  • Our students are encouraged to find creative solutions to social interactions
  • Teachers use scaffolding technics during reading time (circle time) to encourage creative thoughts
  • Students are encouraged to solve problems creatively at school and at home
  • Our curriculum encompasses the teachings of tolerance and values
  • We encourage our students to cherish their greatness of our Country
  • Our students are exposed to great artists, athletes, and national and community leaders
  • School’s fine art program aims to intrigue freedom of expression
  • Our multi language program garners the openness to other cultures and languages

Did you know that Shenker Academy…



offers a lunch program?

is open from 7:00 pm to 6:00 pm?

is a spacious facility?




offers after-school activities?

is a multi-denominational school?

childcare for enrolled students on Holidays?



is a NAEYC accredited school!

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