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From a successful accreditation process and from a position of significant institutional strength, The Shenker Academy is now ready to move to next, exciting stage in its development, one which is focus upon ensuring that our graduates are equipped to participate and thrive in a future that we can be sure will be very different from the present.

This strategic Plan, a vision for the next 5 years, outlines an ambitious program to build on the Shenker Academy’s history and strength in order to meet the needs of the 21st century Las Vegas community and to prepare our students for the challenges they will face in this rapidly changing world.

Our Kindergarten graduate will enter Elementary schools in the next fall, and will graduate from high school in 2026-2027, entering a world that we know will be different than today in a way we cannot imagine. This plan is designed to give those students the skills, habits, of learning, and passion for living lives of meaning that will help them navigate the future.




The Shenker Academy has always reinvented itself to meet the need of the Las Vegas evolving community. Founded in 1997, Shenker Academy holds a beautiful facility equipped with all academic and technological needs of its students. As our Las Vegas community grows and becomes stronger and more diverse, our school is growing too. Serving children from 6 weeks to Kindergarten, Shenker Academy is a vibrant preschool in the Las Vegas education arena.

To develop this plan, our board of trustees, parents, teachers, and supporters of the school engaged in a discussion which resulted with an approved strategic plan guided by reframing of the school mission to focus more sharply on the core studies and the way it will be done.

Shenker Academy is well positioned to meet the needs of its changing and growing educational community. The school adheres to the NAYCE accreditation standards and to the State of Nevada Licensing Department, and the Nevada Registry. Our faculty is highly skilled and dedicated, and our students are nurtured and taught the habits of quality learning that help them reach their highest potential.




Guided with our belief in our mission, we look to a bright future for our students, their teachers, and our community.

Mr. Les Sherman

Board President  

Mrs. Julie Littmann

Education Liaison

Dr. Sharon Knafo

Head of School


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